do it yourself pondless waterfall

do it yourself pondless waterfall

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Do It Yourself Pondless Waterfall

Completing a do it yourself pondless waterfall can be a rewarding way to spend a few weekends. Even better a do it yourself pondless waterfall doesn't really take any special skills. Just a basic understanding of watergarden waterfalls design techniques. And a strong back.

Pondless Waterfall
Material List

When setting about building pondless waterfall you need a parts list. Here's the big items. Some quantities will vary, obviously, depending on the size of your project.

river rocks
ABS pipe (not PVC)
18 inch X 24 inch sump well
45 Mil EPDM pond liner
submersible waterfall pump
decorative pebbles or gravel

Do it Yourself Pondless
Waterfalls Digging

The next step in your backyard waterfalls pondless quest is digging. If you've got a hill you're situating the cascading pondless waterfalls into, dig out the trough and ledges required for the series of falls as per your design. Then dig out the concave return reservoir or "pond" potion.

If your design is more modest just dig out the collection reservoir.

In any case dig a big enough water collection reservoir so you're sure to have plenty of water surrounding the pump at all times. Along with enough water for the falls too. Keeping in mind that the bigger the falls the more water you'll need.

In some cases the reservoir might be only 3" deep on the edges, going down to 20-24" deep in the center. (think inverted funnel)

Situate your liner and underlayment. The pump and filter simply sit in the deepest part of your hole, in the sump basin, into which you've drilled plenty of additional holes.

Fill the space of the bottom two thirds of the reservoir with either pieces of ABS piping with holes drilled in it or cinder blocks. Hide all that by filling the top third with the decorative pebbles or gravel.

Then set about placing the river rocks in your stream bed. To create your waterfall wonderland. Edging with the bigger rocks and mini boulders. Adding suitable plants to complete the affect.

Do It Yourself Pondless Waterfall

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