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Koi Pond Aeration - the Walmart Solution

Koi pond aeration is vital since lack of oxygen kills fish. So plain and simple you must have some kind of koi pond aeration in place. Especially for the summer. The fish need water that moves to keep it properly oxygenated.

Yes waterfalls do help aerate the water. That's a good start. But it may not be enough.

Koi Pond
Aeration Smarts

More fish die from a lack of oxygen than any other cause. And when it comes to lack of oxygen it's the big ones that always die first.

Aeration of backyard ponds is especially important in warm weather and also at night. That's because warm water holds much less oxygen. While at night oxygenating plants stop producing oxygen and start using it instead.
When oxygen levels drop your koi can begin gasping for air like two pack a day smokers.

Koi Pond Aeration Low Tech Test

Now I forget where I saw this but here's a low tech way to tell if your pond is low on oxygen. Get up before the sun rises and check your pond. If the poor fish are gasping at the surface you need more air in there. If not, they are doing fine

Koi Pond Aeration

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