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koi pond biological filter

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Koi Pond Biological Filter

To keep your koi healthy and happy you generally need a koi pond biological filter. Problem is, this topic is rife with misunderstanding. From how you operate it, to the best garden pond filter media to use, to whether filtration is even necessary for backyard koi ponds etc.

Fact is your lovelies with fins need a koi pond biological filter. Because koi pond bio filters cleanse the water of organic wastes that can cause cloudy, smelly, murky, or even toxic-to-your-fish conditions.

Then the more koi swimming in your pond the more filtration you need. That's because fish produce ammonia and ammonia is toxic to fish. The more fish the more ammonia. So it must be removed from the water.

So let me take a stab at explaining biofilters for ponds okay? I promise I won't get all technical on you regarding the ins and outs of koi pond biological filter operation.

Koi Pond Biological Filter in Layman's Terms

Question: Okay so I need one. But just what the heck's a koi pond biological filter?

A biological filter turns ammonia (mostly from fish poop) into plant food (first into nitrite and then into nitrate) using friendly bacteria to accomplish the conversion. Then any pond plants you got will feed on the nitrates.

So basically you could say biofilters for ponds convert fish waste into plant food.

But maybe you're wondering if you really really need a koi pond biological filter. Well, why not click that link to read on and find out?

Koi Pond Biological Filter

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