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Koi Pond Filters

Koi pond filters play a vital role in keeping your fish healthy and happy. Not to mention koi pond filters keep your water clear so you can see those healthy and happy fish.

Sizing Koi
Pond Filters

Actually the size of the filter has little to do with the physical size of the pond. Rather it's dependent on something called "bio load".

To "ponders", bio load simply means how many fish and other aquatic critters you got and how much you feed them.

Obviously the more fish and critters the greater the bio load.
And the more food you feed them the greater the bio load too. Since what goes in must come out?

2 Kinds of Koi Pond Filters

To get your healthy fish and clear water in most cases you need two kinds of koi pond filters. Each type of filter serves a separate and for the most part unrelated purpose.

One is a biological filter. You may see this referenced as a "bio-filter". It's a means of natural pond filtration that uses bacteria to remove harmful ammonia from the water. For more see koi pond biological filter systems.

The other type of filter you need is referred to as a mechanical filter. Mechanical filters remove the solid debris like dead leaves, bugs and such from the water. They help keep the water clean and clear. For more about mechanical pond filter systems.

Koi Pond Filters

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