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Koi Pond Filtration Tips

Koi pond filtration is important because the quality of the water you koi live in is important. To them vital even. Get the koi pond filtration right and the koi will take care of themselves.

Proper koi pond filtration involves the following:

Testing the water regularly for ammonia and nitrates.

Partial water changes at regular intervals

Use of both biological and mechanical filtration based on the size of your pond and fish population.

Properly oxygenated water

The right amount of fish for the size of your pond
Do that and the water quality won't be an issue.

Like I said filtering involves both mechanical and biological filters.

Pond Filtration - Mechanical

Stage One is the mechanical filtering. This involve some type of media to catch the bigger pieces of waste in the water. That could be poop, leftover food, pond plant leaves, and other debris that got into our koi pond. While the stuff you can see is removed by the mechanical filter, the pollutants we can't see but that can kill the fish are still there. There more about mechanical filters here.

Which brings us to part two.
Koi Pond Filtration Biological Fish waste is basically ammonia. So is rotted excess food. Ammonia is toxic to fish. If you let it build up your fish will die. So you must get rid of it in using a biological filter.

For optimum fish health and water clarity, a koi pond needs both mechanical and biological filtration. Each has its own unique role in keeping the water quality high.

Koi Pond Filtration

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