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Know Your Koi Pond Pump

When selecting a koi pond pump there are several things to keep in mind. Also don't just look at your situation today and pick the best koi pond pump for that. Anticipate your needs. Realizing that the health of your koi depend on reliable fish pond pump operation. One that's big enough for the job.

So having looked at the cost of operation of water garden pumps what else do you have to consider?

Know the Flow Rate
Knowing how many gallons per hour it pumps is vital when deciding on a pump used to power your filtration system.

Koi Pond Pump Tip: You should turn over your fish pond water through your filter every 2-3 hours. So when in doubt, go with the bigger koi pond pump since you can always throttle back the extra capacity.

Know Your Fish Population Density
Obviously the more koi you keep in your pond the more fish poop you've got to remove. More waste means you'll need a more powerful pump.

The more you feed the more waste is produced too.

Plus any over crowded pond (and most just seem to end up that way) also requires a higher flow rate.

Successfully keeping a koi pond requires a properly sized koi pond water pump and filtration system. This is vital if you want healthy happy fish.

Then too a cheap koi pond pump can be an energy hog. Often you'll find water garden pumps to be a "pay me know or pay me later (and forever)" kind of thing.

Koi Pond Pump

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