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mechanical pond filter

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Mechanical Pond Filter

You might think if a mechanical pond filter as a strainer you pump water through. That strainer might be some kind of mesh material, sand, polyester stuffing, and so forth that traps suspended particles of fish waste, uneaten food, and other debris. A good mechanical pond filter can also remove algae and smaller suspended debris giving you crystal-clear water

Water flow, through such filters should also be slow enough to allow for settling.

Mechanical Pond Filter Rule of Thumb: The idea is to filter all the water in your pond every 2 hours. If you pump it too fast the debris can't settle to the bottom of the filter and just gets flushed back out into the pond. Not the desired affect.

Here are some things to consider with any mechanical pond filter.

 What type of filtering media is used?
 How easy is it to access to filter media?
 Is there some way to back wash the filter media?
 Is there a sludge drain on the bottom of the filter?

Remember too that

 Bigger filters can go longer between cleanings.
 Bead filters can be more easily backwashed.
 Mechanical filters in the middle of the pond somewhere are usually very inefficient and a pain in the you know what to clean

Mechanical Pond Filter

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