outdoor garden water fountains

outdoor garden water fountains

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Outdoor Garden Water Fountains - Things to Know

You've got the water garden. Decorative water fountains are next, huh? Since you want YOUR backyard pond to be memorable.

Okay. Good idea. Just remember that while it's true outdoor garden water fountains can add a crowning touch to water features --sometimes they can be challenging to get working just right.

Key because outdoor garden water fountains can be the focal point of any backyard ponds. One people notice right off. Even better there are many different styles, sizes and types of decorative water fountains. So three's bound to be one that matches your vision of your water garden.

Now before you jump in with both feet, here are some

Things You Need to
Know About Outdoor
Garden Water Fountains

The following often ignored tips can help you avoid a disappointing outcome with any outdoor garden water fountains or similar water feature.

Pumps are the heart of the system. High head models often need a certain amount of back pressure. So be sure you get the right pump for the job. You'd think this would be obvious, but you know…

Along the same lines, don't start out by trying to size the pump first. Instead, figure out the required flow and pressure first. Use a friction/flow chart to determine the precise pipe size to move the correct amount of water (gallons per minute) at an acceptable velocity. NOW you're ready to pick the pump capacity required to match the flow, velocity and pressure your outdoor garden water fountains demands.

Consider installing a filter for the pump. To be prepared for the unexpected?

Don't go reinventing the wheel. Use that parts provided by the fountain manufacturer to set things up. If you don't understand how to use something right, don't hesitate to call the manufacturer for help.

Some outdoor garden water fountains can be a bit tricky to get just right. But the final affect will be worth the added care required.

Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

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