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Pond Floating Skimmer

Pond surface skimmers are a must since it's an unwritten rule than any debris blowing within a mile of your pond will end up in it. Be it leaves, seeds, blossoms bits of paper etc. Pond surface skimmers really do keep the pond surface clean.

Besides pond surface skimmers clear this debris before it can sink to the bottom and start to decay.

Edge Mount Pond Surface Skimmers

The edge mounted pond surface skimmers offers several benefits with a few drawbacks. The skimmer is buried along side of your pond and constantly skims the surface of the water for debris and film. Water and debris are drawn in through the opening of the skimmer by a pump housed at the bottom of the skimmer.

First being on the edge of your pond you have easy access for cleaning.

The edge of the pond is a good place to stick the pump.
An edge mounted skimmer is easy to install.

On the downside, aesthetically, it's harder to hide an edge mounted skimmer.

Plus skimmers typically work at an optimum depth. Being fixed you have to watch the water level more closely.

pond floating skimmer

An alternate is a skimmer that floats. Meaning it's always at the right level for maximum filtering.

Design wise there is nothing to hide and it is hard to detect. Unless someone is specifically looking for your floating pond skimmer perhaps.

Being smaller it may not be up to the task of skimmer all the leaves that fall in the fall.

All surface skimmers make growing floating plants problematic however. Still pond surface skimmers will substantially reduce the maintenance required

Pond Floating Skimmer

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