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pond waterfall construction

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Pond Waterfall Construction

The big idea with any pond waterfall construction is simple. All you're doing is creating a chute, typically out of pond liner, to contain and direct the water. Within the chute you're positioning stones in whatever visually pleasing arrangement you like. That's all there is to it really. The rest of pond water construction is merely details. And digging.

7 Little Known
Pond Waterfall
Construction Tips

Place rocks in the flow of the falling water. Reason being disrupted water flow makes for a more natural babbling brook sound. As opposed to water that just falls into the pond which may remind some more of dumping a bucket of water into the toilet.

Then too you will get far more soothing water sounds from several smaller falls, each 3-4 inches high, than one 12" drop. Another pond waterfall construction trick - get more sound by creating a cave behind the falls. That causes the sounds to echo out from the cave. And won't your neighbors just love that?

Even if you've got a fairly level pond location, you might place the falls six to eight feet from the pond to create a short stream running down to the pond.

You really want to direct the water over the stones not underneath them for the best sparkling visual effect. To accomplish this, once satisfied with the layout, seal some of the rocks to the liner using (black) expanding foam sealant. (How's that for a little known pond waterfall construction tip?)

Make use of larger rocks along the edges to frame your falls and help contain your water course. Then soften those edges and give a natural look and feel to your design using a mix of perennial flowers, low growing shrubs and various ground covers.

If your waterfall doesn't remind disappointed visitors of Niagara Falls it could be because it's too wide or your pump too small.

Finally, and maybe most important, don't worry if you don't get the layout right the first time. Pond waterfall construction is about going with the flow. <groan> Flexibility. And adapting to what you learn once you get into it. Don't be surprised if you have to tear it apart a couple of times until you, like Goldilocks, get it just right.

Pond Waterfall Construction

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