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Pond Waterfall Pumps Primer

You'll notice when researching fish pond pump operation that you can get pond waterfall pumps. And guess what? There are a few things you specifically need to know about pond waterfall pumps before you can pick that one that's best for your situation.

Pond Waterfall
Pumps Pointers

Let me prime the pond waterfall pump so to speak and point out a few things to keep in mind about pond waterfall pumps.

When you see the term waterfall pump that generally means the pump is capable of more flow. Or it can pump more gallons per hour (gph).

The two most important aspect of pond waterfall pumps is head height and energy consumption. And even that's not a totally accurate statement. Because you've also got to factor in the amount of water going over the cascade.

You simply need to know if the pump can move the gallonage you require it to put over the falls. Plus how much is it going to cost you to do so.

So while this may sound crazy, and I know it did when I wrote it, but your out of pocket cost for the pump is really not that much of a consideration. What you really want to focus in on is the operating cost and pump reliability. Because what you pay for the pump isn't that big of a deal if one pump will cost you $125 a year more to run and lasts only half as long as another, right?

Then here are three more pond waterfall pumps rules of thumb.

Pond Waterfall Pumps

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