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Pondless Waterfalls - Almost Magical

Rosie and Rick were fascinated by the magic of pondless waterfalls. Having discovered that pondless waterfalls (or disappearing waterfalls) were simply a waterfall without a pond to fall into. Or take care of. In other words all the beauty with none of the hassle or worry of backyard ponds!

Basically with pondless waterfalls, the water comes out from the disguised pump outlet, cascades down a stream bed and series of small waterfall and then is collected in a pit full of gravel at the base - into which the water just seems to disappear.

Benefits of
Pondless Waterfalls

Of course the advantages of pondless waterfalls Rosie and Rick cited aren't the only ones.

It's perfect if you've got small children or grandchildren. There's no pond of water that could pose a potentially tragic temptation.

You'll find pondless waterfalls can fit almost anywhere and be as big or as small as you like.

You can have a cascading type waterfall. Emulating nature with the soothing sound of water spilling over rocks. Or it can be a dazzling sheet of water falling from a flat piece of field stone.

Pondless waterfalls are economical too. Since unlike a garden pond and waterfall setup, where the waterfall helps oxygenate the water with no pond you don't have to run the waterfall constantly. Saving on the electric bill.

Best of all it's a virtually maintenance free water feature! Making a pondless waterfall a great alternative for two income families with little time for yet another household chore.

Those are some appealing pondless waterfall benefits, don't you think?

Pondless Waterfalls

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