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Preformed Garden Ponds

Preformed garden ponds sound perfect don't they. Dig the hole. Fit in the preformed liner. Add water and away you go. Off to preformed garden ponds paradise.

Well maybe. But then again maybe not. Sure preformed garden ponds are sold as "instant water gardens". But in their haste to make a buck perhaps they forget to mention a few things.

Preformed Garden
Ponds Woes

The first thing you need to know is that some feel a preformed pond is actually harder to install than a free formed liner like EPDM. At least many who have done both a pond liner and preformed lawn ponds feel that way
Preformed koi ponds are too shallow for the winter. That is they don't come with 3 feet depths or what your fish would need if they were to have any hopes of surviving a deep freeze. Also a must if you want to offer your fish any protection from predators - unless you want herons to look upon your pond as a McKoi-nolds drive thru.

Not only that if you live any where there is cold weather and freezing temps, the ground can heave as it freezes and push the fiberglass pond shells so that it is not level anymore.

They tend to get fragile with age. And who wants a cracked preformed pond liner?

You cannot install a bottom drain. Not bad if you like to spend a bunch of time cleaning the pond. Especially that sludge that accumulates on the bottom.

Even with out freezing the preformed garden ponds often settle and shift. Causing the waterline to lose its level.

Any large, heavy decorative rocks placed on the lip to hide the edge can crack the shell which is extremely difficult (if not downright impossible) to repair. Another potential drawback of preformed water garden ponds.

Preformed Garden Ponds

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