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preformed water ponds

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Preformed Water Ponds

For some, preformed water ponds may be an easier way to get started with backyard ponds. That's because preformed water ponds come in various shapes and sizes. They're available locally. And with a bit of effort preformed yard ponds can be installed in less than a day.

Home Pond
Installation Tips

The biggest task with home pond installation is obviously digging the hole. But there are other things to consider when dealing with preformed water ponds..

Site the Home Pond Installation
Ideally ponds need five or six hours of sunlight. It's best to pick a spot away from trees (no roots) with good drainage too.
X Marks the Spot
To dig the right sized hole, turn your drop-in pond preformed pond upside down and mark an outline a little bigger than the edge - by about six inches. You can use spray paint or chalk dust or a piece of rope even to mark it.

Pick and Shovel
Shovel out the appropriate hole that's a bit deeper than any watergarden preformed ponds you're installing. Remove all rocks, roots, or any sharp debris.

Supporting Preformed Water Ponds
Once satisfied with the excavation, put down a 2 inch layer of play sand to serve as a base. Don't forget to make sure the plastic pre formed pond liner 's edge is slightly above ground level (maybe two or three inches) so the dirt around it slopes away. This will keep rain from washing dirt or fertilizer or weed killer into the pond.

Lower pre-formed shell into excavated site. Use a spirit level to make sure bottom is level.

Lay a 2x4 across the top edge and put a carpenter's level on tit to make sure your liner is level. Fill the liner about one-third full of water to anchor it. Back-fill along the sides with sand and loose gravel. Make sure you use a stick of some sort to compact the backfill in place. And to get out any air pockets. Add more water and back fill as needed.

How To Disguise Preformed Ponds
One way is to put pavers or flat stones around the rim to help hide the edge of preformed yard ponds.

Preformed Water Ponds

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