victoria waterlily for watergarden

victoria waterlily for watergarden

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Victoria Waterlily For Watergarden

The magnificient victoria waterlily for watergarden is a must have for some backyard ponds. Named for Queen Victoria, the victoria waterlily is known for huge round floating leaves that can get to 7 (you read that right seven) feet across. Is it any wonder any victoria waterlily for watergarden is in such demand?

Victoria Waterlily
Quick Facts

The Giant Amazon Waterlily (Victoria amazonica) is easily the world's largest water lily. While it likes a pond comparable to it's size, like most waterlilies it will adapt to a pond of most any size.

The victoria waterlily is a night bloomer. With white blossoms the first night that becomes pink red day two. That can be up to 12 inches across. Little about this water lily is small.
Care for them like you would any tropical water lily. Only feed once a week and keep them in a bigger pot.

Sadly you won't easily find any victoria waterlilies for sale. In most regions it's considered an annual and can be grown only from saved seed.

Some feel this is not the easiest pond plant to grow. It pretty much needs special care throughout it's life. But for those who can provide the care and space it needs, the results can be nothing short of spectacular.

Victoria Waterlily For Watergarden

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