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Coming to Grips with
Water Garden Pumps

Koi pond and water garden pumps are the heart of your pond filtration system. Since it's the pump that circulates the water thru the filter. This is why picking the best of the available water garden pumps for your situation is a critical decision. Both for you and your koi or goldfish.

Water Garden Pumps
Operating Costs

One big thing to consider about water garden pumps is the cost of operation. Depending on the cost of electricity in your area it may not be cheap. Especially since pumps run 24/7. So you want to keep this in mind when choosing the pump to use.

Water Garden Pumps Tip: Submergible pumps are generally more expensive to operate than external pumps.

How "not cheap" will it be?

Well it depends.

Usually there's a label on water garden pumps and it will tell you the rating of the pump in watts. Obviously the more output in terms of gallon per hour the more juice it takes to operate it. So the higher the watts burned?

But to get down to specifics, here's a handy dandy formula to use to figure the monthly cost. Yes this does involve a bit of math. But it won't hurt I promise.

Cost of Operation Water Garden Pumps Formula

Here you go.

Monthly Pump Operating Cost = Watts/1000 x .(kwh) x 24hrs x 30.4 days

Let's say you had a pump rated at 145w and the cost of electricity per kwh in your local was .114. Plugging those numbers into the formula here's what that pump would cost you to operate per month on average.

Monthly Pump Operating Cost = 145/1000 x .114 x 24hrs x 30.4 days

Which comes down to a hair over $12 a month. Which isn't too bad.

Okay then here are some other considerations when looking to select the right koi pond pump for your situation.

Water Garden Pumps

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