watergarden lotus plants

watergarden lotus plants

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Exotic Elegance: Watergarden
Lotus Plants

Nothing quite says exotic elegance like watergarden lotus plants, does it? What with the impressive leaves that compliment the showy fragrant blossoms. Coming in both day and night blooming varieties watergarden lotus plants produce blossoms that generally last about three days. Showcasing a dazzling array of brilliant colors ranging from bright white, cream, yellow, pink, to almost true red.

How To Plant Lotus

When looking into how to plant lotus it's best to think wide not deep. Still suitable "pots" can be something as simple as a bucket with no holes. Or those one-bushel Rubbermaid tubs work fine too.

How To Plant Lotus Tip: When going for wide you can use a waste oil changing reservoir available at any auto parts store. .

Now when planting pay attention to the growing tip. Each section of tuber should have at least one.

CAUTION: Each lotus tuber should be handled with care. Growing tips are VERY fragile you know.

Carefully put the tubers in pots where the top of the pot is 3 to 6 inches below the surface of your pond.

How To Plant Lotus Tip: Feed using Jobe's Rose Spikes. Or any no name spikes with a high middle number to help encourage blossoms.

Temperature is important too. As in fairly constant and above 55 degree F.

Sporting leaves about the size of a dinner plate, don't be alarmed if your lotus grows up and out of the water.

Like most water plants try to give them sun at least half of the day. Even more if possible.

Watergarden Lotus Plants

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